Get Paid For Holding Bluechip NFTs

insrt finance is offering you direct exposure to bluechip nfts and yield generation.

Get Paid For Holding Bluechip NFTs

NFT finance is hard


NFT finance is only accessible to bluechip NFT owners


You need to have a lot of background knowledge about the space to find returns


Trading and farming in NFT finance is not very liquid

NFT-driven returns should be accessible to all


Bluechip Exposure

Own a portion of Bluechip NFT assets

Passive Returns

Our vault strategies provide passive yield-farming returns

Built for jpegors

Each ShardVault is represented by an NFT collection with unique art - flip it, LP it, treasure it


How It Works

The ShardVault combines fractionalization, integration with a lending primitive and a robust risk management system to unlock NFT finance for all.

Our Thesis

Insrt is building a liquidity superhighway for non-fungible digital assets. We’re a decentralized financial intermediary for metaverse capital markets.